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  • I Feel Like a Fool (title of email sent to Kurt on 4/21/2020 - copied to Jason W. and Ralph): I wanted to let you know the road bike fit is amazingly good. I feel like I’m 27 and the bike and me are one. And I feel like a fool that for my 15 years of riding I’ve been dealing with unnecessary awkwardness and discomfort, all for want of a quality bike fit. 

    Jason, producer of lightweight bike builds, gives good advice saying the saddle is the one thing where weight reduction should not be a factor. I would add that if you are going to spend 8 grand on a bike, then for god’s sake be sure to spend a couple hundred dollars on a quality fitting. Thom L.


  • I spent 3 hours with Kurt last Wednesday. Most of the time was spent listening and talking. I learned so much about biomechanics. In fact, I learned a few things that directly fly in the face of what I have thought to be true about pedal stroke, body position and aerodynamics. -L.W. (click here for a more in depth review)

  • I know you told me to take it easy, but I got out west and ended up doing a long one.  That is the most amazing one day change in my cycling.  No knee pain, felt comfortable the entire ride.  60 miles, right on!!!!! -K.I.

  • Two man team putting out high quality work. Did a full groupset swap -dropped the bike off in the morning and a few hours later Noe the mechanic called me back and told me he had the whole thing done. Not only was the work flawless, the bike was cleaned up and looked better than ever (great at paying attention to small details, mechanical and aesthetic). Also did a bike fit with Kurt, my speed and stability have never felt better (especially while descending), and found the right saddle. Highly recommend the shop to any cyclist or triathlete. You get what you pay for! -C.P.

  • I went for a 50 mile ride today and I am a happy woman. What a difference. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. - C.D.

  • Pleasure for me too. I enjoy folks who are focused on thorough, focused, high quality service as you certainly seem to be. - M.W.

  • Thanks much. The bike's been riding great! Definitely more comfortable on it - a real pleasure to ride. - M. Z.

  • Thank you again for the fitting the other day. I feel like I walked away knowing myself a bit better, too. - K.K.

  • Thanks for all the help...I love the way the bike feels...your work is first rate. - B.V.

  • I'm not about to stop taking your advice now. Your first choice will be mine as well. Looking forward to it. - J.G.

  • Best damn money I ever spent!!! Bike, cleats, roller!!!! All great!!! - J. Z.

  • Holy crap. Rode the SSR today - wow, man I can't tell you how amazing the bike feels now. Seriously. Jay P.

  • My pedaling seems easier at all cadences and in the lower cadences I am able to push harder without that fatigued feeling that I usually get right away. The biggest change which I like is the fact that I can spin again at the higher cadences without having to work so hard at getting there. 100+ cadences are very easy now to hold and work with, whereas before your adjustments I was having trouble pushing a 100 or getting much beyond it. Those adjustments will save me the cost of a new, shorter crank. - A.C.

  • The setup from last week felt great. The legs definitely felt more  efficient with my fixed ankle angle. I rode my usual route and gained about 1 mph average and 3 mph top speed. - F.M.

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