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Schedule and Service

Fitting is done on an appointment basis Monday through Saturday


What to bring:

Your bike, cycling shoes (all pairs that you may use), simple athletic shoes, cycling shorts, gloves (if used), a hydration backpack (if used), aero helmet (for time trial and triathlon fit).

Rate: $90 per hour, with no minimum


Typically fittings take 1 to 3 hours. However, complex fitting may take longer, and follow-up adjustments may take only a few minutes.


​Please call 520-906-0409 to set up appointment.


All types of mechanical services are available, including tune-ups, custom wheel building, suspension fork maintenance, and even reliable carbon frame repair. 


The ability to service a bike or equipment is not limited to any particular brand, although there is one caveat. Based on the number of proprietary designs in the bike market now, there may be some issue with availability of appropriate replacement parts or something similar, which will make the typical speedy turnaround more difficult, or occasionally not possible.


20+ Years and 5000+ Bike Fits

Schedule & Service
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Fitworks Cycling Support

With ~5000 professional bike fits, and 35 years' experience in the cycling industry, Fitworks' Kurt Rosenquist is focused on maximizing your performance, efficiency and comfort, and demystifying form and technique. 


Now as part of FW Cycling Center, housed in the Fair Wheel Bikes Warehouse, Fitworks can make available to you an even greater selection of equipment, expert service options, and coaching and instruction. ​Link to for more information about the new FW Cycling Center. 

About Fitworks
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Kurt started cycling in the early '80's and worked in his first shop environment in 1986. Before becoming a professional bike fitter, Kurt was a mechanic, buyer, sales manager, NYC bike messenger and a full-service cycling shop owner. Trained and certified by Ben Serotta in the early '90's, Kurt is up to ~5000 bike fits.

Kurts most gratifying aspect to his work is solving clients' knee/back/neck/etc problems so that they can get back to riding with optimal performance and full enthusiasm. Kurt loves to hear his clients say...

 "I'm SO excited to go on my next ride now!"

About Kurt
COVID Protocol


Due to recommendations and restrictions in this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and out of consideration for the more vulnerable among us, bike fitting appointments have been affected as well. While my fitting process is already essentially “hands-off,” with minimal close contact, it often still puts the client and myself within the CDC’s six feet limit, so....


However, as cycling is an activity still allowed and recommended within the guidelines of social distancing, cyclists will still have all the same problems which will need solutions, as well as the desire for higher performance. 


If you need a bike fitting, we will figure out a way to get it done safely! Please email or text me to discuss the options.


In many cases we can do remote or virtual fitting!  My fitting protocol  is such that I can often address bike fit concerns remotely, or otherwise outside of the fit studio. I have made accurate and effective changes to cyclists’ positions with virtual platforms (Zoom, etc) or videos, and literally “drive-by” fittings, riding together outdoors. 


If you can have your bike set up on an indoor trainer, and can have another person available to hold the phone/tablet/etc for taking the video, we can possibly or probably address many of your needs, working together creatively. 


At the very least we can improve a situation until appointments can resume as usual.

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