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New Fitworks Website - Just launched!

Hey folks. I just launched my new website with the help of my wife, Susan Frank, from Frank Vision, LLC. It still has all of the great information about Bike Fitting you have come to count on and now is has a fresh new look too (and nicely optimized for phones...finally). Plus, there are some really captivating new articles to check out for the bike fitting geeks out there.

I am pleased to share that I will start blogging. It seems like it's about time, after 30 years of bike fitting I have few things to share. Since the COVID-19 situation has opened up just a bit of time (although still bike fitting - check out the COVID info here), I am going to start posting some of the insights I have gained with over the 5000 plus bike. Stay tuned.

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Susan Frank
May 06, 2020


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